Choosing a quality university education is one of the most important and personal decisions an individual can make.  Among the criteria used to select a university is your ability to find a program that piques your interest while also enabling you to have good job or career prospects post-graduation.

Concordia University of Edmonton.  We've used research data collected by the Conference Board of Canada as well as input from local business leaders and executives to guide, design, and shape our innovative curricula and highlight the following attributes of our institution and its professional programs:

  • Highest Quality Education
  • National Research and Employer Input into Design
  • Student-Focused Faculty
  • Practical Orientation
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Fully-Accredited and Internationally Recognized

So what makes our four-year Bachelor of Management degree different from the rest, you ask?

It's quite simple: we don't just offer another post-secondary business credential; we create the business leaders of tomorrow!

Since 2004, Concordia's Bachelor of Management program has been innovative and highly flexible, giving students the opportunity to complete a general management degree, while developing an emphasis in accounting, finance, human resources, leadership, or marketing. For those with varied interests or a passion to grow in other areas while completing their management degree, Concordia's broad range of liberal arts courses also gives students the opportunity to pursue a minor area of studies from our Faculties of Arts and Science. Similarly, students in pursuit of a BA or BSc at Concordia may also enhance thier career prospects with coursework from or a minor in business.

You can customize your studies according to your interests and competencies as you progress from one year of studies to the next.  The end result is to your benefit – you earn one of the most innovative business degrees in Canada that enables you to  enter the workforce directly at the end of four years of study and  tackle a broad range of career opportunities, not to mention leadership roles in business, government, health, and education.

What better way to make a great impression on a potential employer than to present with a unique credential that is anything but status quo!

Should you want to pursue graduate studies  in the future, Concordia's Bachelor of Management degree provides you with a solid foundation for acceptance into graduate programs such as

So why wait ? Come and experience a quality university business education at Concordia University of Edmonton. 

Apply now to begin your studies in September!