Accounting Emphasis

Bachelor of Management Accounting Emphasis

Business practices related to accounting have been defined and refined over the last few decades. Business has sought to develop systems for accurately controlling revenue and expenditures and for reporting these in ways that enable executives and boards to make sound business decisions.  Even though the transition from paper to hybrid to modern software-based accounting systems has allowed for greater efficiencies in our business practices, the underlying principles of accounting have remained constant.

Accountants, the individuals who provide this much-needed financial reporting and consulting service,

  • design and administer records of business transactions;
  • audit and analyze financial information to make capital budgeting decisions;
  • plan financial management policies; and
  • develop business strategies.

The Accounting Emphasis in the BMGT program at Concordia has armed those with an interest in an accounting career with the competencies that were formerly recognized and regulated by each professional association in Alberta:

  • Chartered Accountants (CA),
  • Certified Management Accountants (CMA), and
  • Certified General Accountants (CGA).

All three entities have been engaged in collaborative efforts to support the creation of a unified accounting profession known as the

  • Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA)

A document published by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (2011), identified a "framework that recognizes and articulates five basic foundations of accounting education" to "allow for a more organized and cohesive approach towards integration" among the accounting bodies:

  • Accounting principles and concepts
  • Ethical decision making
  • Professional judgement
  • Professional and personal attributes
  • Integration

These five foundations, or "pillars" as they are now known, complement the qualities that management students at Concordia acquire as they work towards completion of their four-year Bachelor of Management credential.

Take advantage of the opportunity to accumulate credits towards your accounting designation as you earn a management degree at Concordia!

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